CHP integration

CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is the simultaneous generation of useful heat and electricity from a primary fuel. We distinguish between two types, each based on internal combustion engines: Plant-CHP and Process-CHP.

A Plant-CHP covers the heat demand of a production site or a part of it. Often, it is the sum of many small heat users. This heat can be provided in the form of hot water and steam, both easy to transport on the whole site. It is therefore important to use measurements to perfectly map the heat demand and required
temperature levels.

A Process-CHP covers most of the heat demand of one specific user, such as a dryer or roaster. In many cases, this allows the direct supply of heat to the production plant, in the most usable form, for example hot air. At the same time, the electricity produced is at the disposal of the entire site. Here, too, it is crucial to quantify the heat demand of the specific production facility properly.

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