About us

CEE, we are engineers, thinkers, calculators and builders

But we are above all a team of motivated people, with an out of the box approach in life. At CEE, we are convinced that we as humans have the task to conserve energy so that we can leave a liveable and pleasant world to future generations.

Our slogan 'PROCESS INTEGRATED ENERGY EFFICIENCY' indicates that we want to make a substantial contribution, very specifically, by optimizing energy-intensive production processes.

Our headquarters is in Hamme-Mille, close to Leuven. The Engineering team is based here, with a primary focus on development, testing, measurements, studies, process engineering, automation and project management. They also supervise the build-projects
in consultation with our customers.

The team responsible for your projects consists of about 20 engineers. They specialize in a wide range of disciplines and technologies such as energy, physical, thermal and chemical processes, biochemistry, utilities such as electricity, steam, and cold, dimensioning, design, developing specifications and project management.

Our Construction Department is located in Wiekevorst, close to Herentals. That team is responsible for the 3D design, steel construction and installation of plant at our customers. A team of designers, specialists in metal working such as plasma cutting, moulding, welding, assembly and finishing, and motivated project and site supervisors prepare the construction to the last detail and ensures a smooth implementation.

CEE works for about 140 different customers at home and abroad, mainly in energy-intensive companies. These are active in branches such as:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • (Petro) chemical
  • Building materials industry
  • Ceramic and glass industry
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry

Every year, we realize more than 40 audit and engineering processes and we provide 20 new or modified installations. We are the main contractor and performer for projects ranging from € 5K to € 5M.

Where appropriate, CEE also takes on the role of energy supplier, through delivery of cold, heat or electricity in the form of an ESCO contract. For example, these energy carriers can come from a CHP plant or the recovery of waste heat, using heat exchangers or pumps.