TOTAL - EBO audit

Audit of petrochemical processes in Total Raffinaderij Antwerpen (TRA)

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Targeted search for energy savings in petrochemical installations.


CEE audited 8 process units in the EBO (Energie Beheers Overeenkomst- Energy agreement with the Flemish Government) framework. Typical savings implemented :

  • Reduced energy consumption of 2 300kW H2 compressors used for hydrogenation, by adjusting compressor capacity to the feed.
  • Reduced steam consumption of the H2S strippers by a modified control strategy.
  • Higher heat recovery through deeper condensate cooling established by shifting the condensate level.

These interventions led to significant primary energy savings, CO2 emission and costs with a reduced number of mechanical modification of the installations.


  • Indepth study of the installations and operations in collboration with the responsible Process Engineers
  • Field research on the installations by means of specific measurements
  • Brainstorming with the people in charge of the operations : operations, mechanical and electrical maintenance, engineering, process control and automation.
  • Aspen simulation of the modifications with impact estimations
  • Live testing on the installations of the modified process parameters 
  • Technical and financial study of the measures
  • Support in the measurements implementation.

These projects have helped Total Raffinaderij Antwerpen to reduce its primary energy consumption by a several % on a yearly basis, to reduce its CO2 footprint and to reduce costs. Nothing but wins !