PB Gelatins – Optimisation of a steam plant

Optimisation of the steam plant to obtain an energy gain of 2,6%

PB Gelatins is part of PB Leiner, a company integrated in the Tessenderlo Group. 

Customer request

Implementation of a Measure proposed by CEE during an Energy Audit.


The hydraulic integration of the Condensor, part of the modern Steam Plant at PB Gelatins resulted in maximum energy recovery from the steam boiler exhaust gases, cooling these to 60°C.

Hydraulic Installation


  • Thorough study of the existing Steam Plant and its operation together with Plant Responsibles of PB Gelatins
    Field investigation of the Steam Plant including a measurement campaign by CEE
    Aspen simulation of the existing situation and the proposed modifications. Calculation of the potential gains.
  • Engineering of the changes between condensate network, storage tank, demin installation, feed pumps, boiler, degassers, economisers and condenser, with following objectives :
    • Achieving the energy and cost saving
    • No loss of reliability, flexibility and fault tolerance
    • Improved feed water control
    • Meet all safety requirements in a documented way (PED, HAZOP risk analysis together with the boiler manufacturer)
  • Implementation of changes by CEE Construction (see 3D drawing)
  • Startup of the Steam Plant and validation of savings and return (IRR) of the changes