ETEX/Promat – superheated steam dryer

Development, Engineering and construction of a steamdryer for fire resistant plates.

Promat is the fire-resistant building materials and high-temperature insulation division of ETEX, a group specializing in the production of building materials.

Request from the customer

Development of an innovative treatment and drying process in an atmosphere of 100% superheated steam. Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Construction, Delivery, recipe development and optimization for the Promat product range.


  • Realization of a Pilot Installation for the characterization of the Promat steam drying products.
  • Process and recipe development for the range of Promat fire resistant products.
  • Realization of an 80 m long steam dryer for plates of 2.5 x 1.25 m that undergo a heat treatment upto 5 MW by means of chain transport passing through 8 zones.​​​​​​​
  • Excellent energy efficiency with the potential to further halve energy consumption by condensing the steam generated from the plates.
ETEX Promat drooginstallatie

Pilot installation in the CEE Labs in Hamme Mille

CEE ThermoLab installatie


    • Construction of a quick & simple first test installation for exploration

    • Construction of a pilot installation that allows continuous recipe development even after the implementation of the industrial steam dryer, without the risk of major failure. 

    • Detailed Engineering of the industrial installation, steam driven

    • Construction, test, inspection and delivery of the industrial installation in 4 months

    • Continuous support to optimize the process, smooth integration in the pre and post train, and constant expansion of the product range.

    Image of the first construction steps.

    ETEX Promat bouw droger