Heat networks

To realise heat recovery projects at or above site-level, industrial heat networks are necessary.

Every heating network begins with expertly mapping waste heat sources and heat users. Measurement data play a crucial role to quantify the character of this residual heat production and consumption exactly. If it is impossible to measure, modelling the various energy fluxes are an alternative.

Depending on the particular situation, the heat carrying medium is to be selected: water, where possible. Only if required overheated water, thermal oil or steam. Thermal buffering is often a crucial element in the success of a heating network. In water circuits, we work with layered thermal storage reservoirs. When buffering is necessary at higher temperatures, we use Phase Change Materials or thermochemical energy storage.  Batch processes also qualify for connection to heat networks, subject to the necessary buffering.

CEE has developed solutions to minimize energy costs of heat transfer and to maximize the efficiency of the heat recovery.

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