Cost effective energy optimization of your production processes

Energy-intensive production processes can often be optimized by more than 20%, automatically making the project both profitable and sustainable.

Analysis, solution and implementation, your guarantee of success

CEE analyses the potential, recommends a detailed process optimization and if required, builds the solution from A to Z. Thus, we guarantee the efficiency of that optimization, and you achieve your goals while maintaining capacity and quality of the production plant.

A systematic approach with a proven, structured methodology

Specialist engineers inspect your business during extensive energy audits. They are assisted by the colleagues in Engineering and Construction. In this way they can select all projects that are technically and financially most likely to succeed, and in the most efficient way. A thorough Energy monitoring is the perfect starting point for identifying the right system solutions, sizing of plant and establishing guarantees on implementation and results.

During Basic and Financial Engineering CEE strongly focuses both on technical and financial feasibility of energy projects. Detailed Engineering, construction, and performance assurance of energy projects are offered turnkey. From the outset CEE is committed to offer technically feasible and financially profitable projects.