Barry Callebaut - Optimization of cooling circuits and boiler plant & CHP implementation

Energy measurements, engineering & (re)construction of refrigeration systems (combination evaporative coolers and dry coolers), economizer and overarching control of the steam boilers and a new CHP plant.

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Directed research into energy savings concerning cooling and heat production.


Optimization of the production and transport of energy flows (heat and cold):

  • Increase efficiency of the cooling water production
  • Increase efficiency of the steam output
  • Increase efficiency of hot water boilers,in which the electric heating could be eliminated

Thus the gas and electricity consumption at Barry Callebaut was significantly reduced. In addition, Barry Callebaut saves a significant amount of water because open cooling systems were replaced by closed cooling systems and Barry Callebaut generated electricity locally through the CHP plant for their own use. 


  • Energy measurements on cold and heat flows
  • Basic & financial engineering of different options, taking into account:
    • Optimization of energy flows
    • Thermal power control
    • Minimizing buffer volumes
  • Turn-key implementation of:
    • Closed cooling systems to replace open cooling systems
    • Economizer on steam boiler and overarching management of the boiler plant
    • Production integrated CHP plant linked to steam and hot water production

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