Aurubis - Flue gas Heat recovery project

Development, engineering and construction of a Heat Recovery from the flue gases of a copper furnace.

Aurubis Belgium is part of the Aurubis Group. The site in Olen specializes in the production of copper anodes, copper cathodes, Aurubis rod, Aurubis foxrod and Aurubis Bars & Profiles.

Customer request

Implementation of energy savings elaborated by CEE during the energy audit in the context of the Energy Management Agreement (EBO). Maximization of the heat recovery from the flue gases of a copper furnace. Reduction of flue gas filter flow rates by reducing the cold air to be mixed in.

Flue gas cooler


  • Shell & Tube flue gas cooler for easy cleaning
  • Tubes in exchanger in stainless steel
  • Cooling flue gases limited to 110°C, above the acid dew point
  • Flue gas bypass setup for operation without impact on production processes.
  • Independent water circuit for optimal and reliable operation.
  • Buffer to collect intermittent flow of demineralised water.
  • Plate heat exchanger for hydraulic redundancy.
  • Emergency cooler as a redundant protection
  • Preliminary Study, Engineering, Construction and Delivery by CEE.


Hydraulic decoupling, heat exchanger


Turnkey and autonomous installation, with zeroimpact on the production process or other parts of the installation. Isolated operation and robust design, control system and protections.

Up to 250kW heat recovery from flue gases.

Preheating of demineralised water to degasser upto 85°C.

With this installation, natural gas consumption can be reduced by 2,000 MWh lhv, financial savings are achieved and CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 400 tons/year.

The electrical consumption of the flue gas fans was also reduced.

Collectors to heat consumers with future expansion possibilities

3D design based on 3D scan of the existing installations
Visualization on the Siemens Simatic S7 PLC Controller