Cell Innovation

Our Cell Innovation develops and optimizes industrial thermal production processes to have them excel in energy efficiency. We use the basic
"start from scratch" methodology. Besides our own internal research projects, we also work with customers on specific new production processes and machines, in an integrated way.

The following research projects are currently:

  • Drying with high humidity
  • Eutectic phase change materials (PCM)
  • Chemical-thermal buffering
  • Electromagnetic radiation concentration
  • Pyrolysis (Waste to materials / W2M – Waste to Energy / W2E)
Maintaining or improving product quality and reducing production costs are important and consistently applied framework conditions.

CEE already developed innovative know-how, expertise and solutions for processes such like:
  • Air drying
  • Steam drying
  • Physical separation techniques
  • Chemical processes
  • Thermal storage and transport
  • Heat pumps
  • CHP
  • Flexible electricity production
  • ...
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Our Thermolab was established in 2014, in support of our R&D, Consultancy and Engineering Departments. The Thermolab tests the reaction of products to various thermal
environments, which we can also vary in time.

With this data, we are not only able to design new "evidence based" plants, with the corresponding capacity and quality guarantees. The Thermolab can also be used to check existing plants and to optimize them with respect to quality, capacity and, of course, energy efficiency. Our speciality is recipe optimization for thermal treatment of products, a combination of simulation in our installations and computer modelling in Aspen.

Besides classical measurement equipment, our lab has three custom developed installations for thermal treatment testing. With this, we can do the necessary testing, both on bulk materials and piece goods. They can be used to simulate batch and continuous processes.

    Please feel free to send us an email with your question.