Process Engineering starts with the preparation of the mass and energy balances of the plant to be designed. These are visually displayed (Autocad) in a Process Flow Diagram (PFD), following which we sketch the functionality of the new installation in the Process & Instrumentation Diagram. The P&ID in combination with the Functional Description, forms the heart of the process design. With this information, we can then design all main components (storage reservoirs, heat exchangers, fans and pumps, etc.).  When a plant must be able to process various products, we use ASPEN to model different production scenarios pro-actively..

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Mechanical Engineering

Once the Process Engineering is complete, CEE draws the plant completely, to the smallest component in 3D using  Solid Edge and Siemens NX. This approach gives the client a clear impression of the installation relatively quickly. At the same time, during Mechanical Engineering he can still request certain changes to be made, for example to increase the ease of maintenance. Internally, our specialists carry out the necessary checks on the plant forstrength, rigidity and thermal loads.

CEE uses 3D Laser Scanning to chart the geometry of existing installations. These scans are imported in Solid Edge so that the integration of new components, or changes to the existing plant, can be designed in detail with high precision. We thus increase the accuracy and efficiency, and we reduce the necessary time on-site, for the measurement, Detailed Engineering and the final implementation.

Once the 3D has been approved by the customer, work preparation drawings can be distilled and the prefabrication can start.

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Electrical Engineering

Each industrial plant must be safely provided with electrical power. In addition to the required design calculations and subsequent inspections (AREI) through Caneco, CEE plots the electrical diagrams entirely with E-Plan. These plans form the basis for the later construction of the electric switch boxes and interconnections.

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Automation brings the heartbeat to every installation. It after all entails the intelligence of the machines. Based on the Functional Description, the P&ID and TAG list, our
programmers start building the custom made program. In most cases, this concerns the programming in Siemens S7 and TIA, either in new CPUs, or in existing PLC's on site at the customer.

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