Vandersanden - Residual heat valorisation

Energy measurements, engineering & construction of residual heat valorisation system for heating of building, cooling and sludge drying.

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Directed research into energy savings concerning residual heat valorisation.


The project at Vandersanden concerns the design and implementation of an installation that recovers locally available residual heat from the ovens, and useful used for building heating, cooling (via absorption cooling) and sludge drying.

The installation significantly reduced the gas and electricity consumption at Vandersanden. In addition, by introducing the drying their sludge (= waste), they can reuse this material as raw material for their production process.


  • Energy measurements on residual heat flows

  • Basic & Financial Engineering of different
    valorisation options

  • Turnkey implementation of heat exchange
    and valorisation through building heating, absorption cooling and process heating.

At the end of 2000, energy became more and more important. Not only for its social relevance, but also to the budget.  Our CEO always said, "we heat up Chimneys with our factory." Since we have installed the residual heat installation by CEE, that is something of the past.

CEE first measured everything and mapped the plants. Based on the results, CEE drew up a plan to optimise our energy consumption. The biggest advantage is that we consume less energy. We do it better than the average company in that area, and that's a great bonus. At CEE, they know where they want to go, and how to get them there.

Testimonial: Rudi Beusen, Plant Manager Vandersanden