Sibelco - CHP

Energy measurement campaign, engineering and reconstruction of an existing fluidised bed dryer allowing it to consume heat from the newly installed CHP system.

Customer request

Sibelco mines and ennobles various types of sand and minerals. This mainly concerns high-quality quartz sand for the industry. With offices around the world, Sibelco is active globally in this sector today. CEE was asked by Sibelco to design and build a production-integrated CHP on one of the sand dryers on site in Dessel, Belgium.


Based on this information, CEE then designed a production integrated CHP of 500 kW_e, erected in a compact area. CEE has since integrated this CHP turnkey on the appropriate dryer, and delivered it early this year.


The energy balance of the relevant dryer was quantified using an in-depth measurement campaign and an extensive thermal analysis, and different scenarios were tested in order to optimize the operation of the dryer financially.

  • Energy measurements
  • Basic & Financial Engineering CHP
  • Turnkey implementation production integrated CHP