Classic cooling systems based on vapour-compression are expensive: they produce cold on demand and consume electricity to do so. For the realization of efficient cooling systems, we look at the total picture of the production site: measurements supported by calculations and simulations to chart the cold requirement at the various temperature levels in detail. Then we draw up the optimal combination of cooling systems, so the cold can be generated at minimal power: for example with free cooling, evaporative cooling or absorption cooling. With adiabatic cooling, there is no risk of legionalla contamination due to the separation of air and water. Only as a last resort do we use vapour compression with heat recovery.

Of course, we keep the necessary buffering in mind in the design, so the cold production systems do not become unnecessarily large. The overall control systsem ensures a good functioning of the whole. Thus we avoid needless circulation of cooling water.

Cooling is the removal of heat where necessary, and where possible, using it.

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