Every installation is checked by both internal and external auditors, during and after the installation work.

Internal auditors then perform functional tests successively, of which the following form part:

  • Visual inspection
  • Mechanical testing under pressure, under load, leak testing 
  • I/O testing
  • Cold functional testing
  • Safety testing
  • Hot functional testing
  • Hot functional testing during operation
  • Performance testing

In addition to these inspections and testing, CEE also prepares the external inspection under the form of PED, CE, AREI and As Build Documentation. That concludes the Commissioning and Start-up of the plant. CEE's responsibilities, however, go further.

The employees who will operate and maintain the installation are trained during one or more sessions.

CEE continues to follow-up on the plant for a fixed period, in its different aspects: functional, quality and performance.

You can enjoy the installation without any care, leaving the maintenance and operation
of the plant, and even the investment, to CEE. Maintenance can range from preventive to curative, including a 24/24 service. The complete responsibility for the investment, including the financing, implementation, operation and production of the plant, can be transferred to CEE in a so-called ESCO (Energy Supply Company) concept.

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