Marlux - Energy retrofit steam rooms & conversion of fuel oil to gas

Energy measurements, engineering & retrofit of steam rooms' steam delivery system, conversion from fuel oil to gas, with additional economizer and overarching control of the steam boilers.

Customer request

Significant CO2 - emission reductions and cost effective energy savings in production. Thus, a roadmap was drawn up of  energy projects with CEE. Two elements of this roadmap include: 

  1. Targeted research into energy savings around steam use in the steam rooms.
  2. Conversion from fuel oil to gas and boiler room optimization.


  • Optimization of the steam consumption in the steam rooms.
    • implementation of new delivery system in steam rooms to standardise the heat output (new steam piping,
      new chimney valves and associated instrumentation)
    • Automation of steam cycles: a required standard temperature profile was followed in the steam rooms
    • Isolation of the steam rooms

After control measurements, the steam consumption at Marlux was significantly reduced (over 25%) with a quality advantage in the manufacturing process.

  • Switching fuel oil to gas
    • New natural gas pipeline (underground and 
      above ground)
    • Implementation of new burners and
      economizer on the existing steam boilers
    • Centralization of overall control of the boiler room with expansion capacity


From energy monitoring to turnkey implementation

  • Optimization of the steam consumption in the
    steam rooms
    • Energy monitoring of steam distribution & reduction through relative humidity, temperature & flow measurement
    • Detailed simulation and extrapolation techniques
    • Basic & financial engineering of different options, taking into account
      • Optimization of energy flows
      • Uniform temperature profile in the steam room
  • Detailed engineering and implementation of improved demand-driven steam cycles, with guaranteed savings target concerning steam consumption
    • Replace open cooling systems by closed cooling systems  
    • Economizer on the boiler and overall control of the boiler house 
    • CHP installation linked to steam and hot water process, integrated in the production process